Magento E-commerce Training

Magento introduction , installation 

  • Introduction of Magento
  • Background & Features
  • Understanding Catalog ,Categories from admin panel
  • Creating some attributes
  • Understanding Root vs Sub category
  • Creating Categories

Products,Block,Widgets,CMS PAGE , Composer

  •  Magento Product Types
  • Creating product and showing to frontend
  • Creating CMS Pages
  • Static blocks
  • Creating Widgets
  • Url rewrite management, adding CMS page to top category menu
  • Understanding Composer

Working With Free Theme and paid Theme

  •  Magento Theme Installation
  • Magento Theme Configuration
  • Theme Documentation
  • Home Page Setup
  • Demo Data if Provided by Theme

 Magento directory structure

  • Disabling cache for theming
  • Magento directory structure
  • Understanding theme fallback
  • Layout and templates
  • Showing template path hint
  • Blocks and Containers
  • Reference/Insert Block and Container
  • Removing unnecessary libraries and blocks
  • Moving blocks
  • Transferring variables from layout into block

Magento Theming (HTML template to Magento Theme)

  • Creating folder for our module’s package name and theme name
  • Creating theme.xml,registration.php,comopser.json
  • Creating ‘web’ folder for static files
  • Using command line for static content deply
  • Adding our css to default_head_blocks.xml
  • Adding our images to ‘web/images’ folder
  • Understand how magento templates,layout loads
  • Converting HTML template to Magento Theme

 Magento Module Development

  •  Magento module file structure
  • Setup our module with basic configuration
  • Create module Controller
  • Create Router

Module Development : Creating Block, View

  • Create Block
  • Create View file
  • Binding of a template system to block

 Module Development : Creating Database Table, Models

  • Creating our database table schema
  • Create Model, Resource Model and Collection files.
  • Get data from the database and display them on frontend

Module Development : data list ,data add frm in block

  • show list of data on a block
  • Creating form in block to insert data on database table

Module Development : Creating backend of our module

  • Add links to the admin main menu
  • Admin controllers

Module Development : Creating backend of our module

  •  Admin templates

Module Development : Event driven architecture

  • Magento Event driven architecture

Tools to help with developments in Magento

  • Developer mode
  • Developer-Debug Tool
  • Logging into Magento


  • Custom Module
  • Pin-code Check
  • Admin Grid


  • Theme development
  • Custom Theme Referance